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Resysta Materials are especially suitable for areas exposed to weather or humidity

RESYSTA has the warmth and feel of wood, yet it possesses the sustainability and wearability natural wood lacks. RESYSTA is an excellent material choice in a number of construction applications. Not only does it offer the look and feel of wood, it has many similar working properties of wood. RESYSTA is water and UV resistant, making it perfect for any exterior application, even in locations subject to driving rain, snow, frost and constant sun exposure.

Achieve the rich look of wood siding without the environmental impact. RESYSTA is the perfect choice for full siding or as a design detail. It is available in a variety of profiles and can achieve looks ranging from colonial to contemporary. It can also be shaped, cut and curved for maximum design flexibility. RESYSTAS’s proprietary material blend makes it durable for use in the most extreme environments. It also has the highest possible rating against fungal decay, making it perfect for areas prone to excessive moisture.

Eurotec Pedestal System

Aluminum substructure system for a perfect decking

The specialist for aluminum system profiles

Eurotec® Company offers various products and accessories for building the perfect substructure for decks. They say

Without a pefect substructure, there will be in short time damages on the decking. We offer a whole fastening system with utilities, which keep your decking well.

and they are right!

Building a deck with the Pedestal Pro Series is really easy and there is no long lasting substructure system like this. Check out the both  aluminum substructures ECO and EVO Decking System


classic & elegant

EZDecktiles – classic

  • Possibility of re-oiling to revive color shade
  • Easy tool free system to install
  • High skid resistant

EZDecktiles – elegant

  • durable finish long lasting colors
  • Easy tool free system to install
  • Weather resistant
  • High skid resistant



The exotic EcoStyleScreen panels made with Resysta offer countless options!
Functionality, elegance and modern charm are combined to showcase indoor and outdoor living spaces.

This unique panel meets all weather proof resistance thanks to its Hybrid sustainable mixture of rice husks, rock salt and mineral oil known as Resysta. This natural fiber compound has been used for decades in the furniture and outdoor building industry. Resysta looks and feels like wood.

EcoStyleScreens come prefinished in a wide color range and are easy to install.

Resysta products in the New American Home 2013

Resysta North America participated in the building of the New American Home 2013 and here are some of the photos where Resysta being used!

The Resysta Material

A natural fiber compound

Resysta is extremely resistant and features an excellent eco-balance

Technical and ecological assessment of the new material Resysta: Resysta looks like wood and stands out for its high mechanical strength, thermal stability as well as chemical resistance.

Unlike wood, Resysta is swell-, splinterand crack-free, does not gray or fade and withstands pest infestation. Resysta products are therefore very durable without requiring special care or maintenance. Resysta is a true alternative to tropical wood.It is therefore especially suitable for outdoor use like garden furniture and outdoor decking as well as for wellness and pool areas, where high strain, aggressive weather, temperature and environmental influences take effect. Resysta products furthermore provide for an exceptionally beneficial eco-balance.

In short: Resysta deserves the title

Resysta convinces in …

… Product properties

  • UV-resistance
  • weather resistance
  • water resistance
  • salt- and chlorine-water resistance
  • no cracking
  • no pest infestation or fungal decay
  • flammability classification B2 (with additives, B1 classification possible)

…Surface and Design

  • wood feel and appearance
  • skid resistance
  • no splintering
  • individual color scheme

… Handling

  • easy installation
  • customary tools
  • easy to refinish

… Sustainability

  • no rotting
  • 100% recyclable
  • easy-care
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